​​Tom Ray 




            7.1a  The Puzzle Factor Syndrome,  GloTag Press, 2003

            7.1b  Anna's Song, The Young Girl Thought To Be A Queen Cries From The Grave, Glotag Press, 2007

       ARTICLES by Tom Ray, www.mbc-ref.org

            7.2a   Bipolar Disorder and the Ninth Law of the Subconscious                

            7.2b   I fooled the mind with a #2 yellow pencil

            7.2c   Alternative Medicine or just Smart Thinking

           7.2d   Self-Help the easy way 

            7.2e   Education:  Ten Words to Change a Nation

           7.2f    Allergies 

            7.2g   Information Poisoning: Untrue information is not good

            7.2h   The Subconscious Mind is illogical and it never sleeps

            7.2i    The Command must be absolute

           7.2j    Use your head